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Kristen Levine Pet Living Announces 2019 Influencer Partnerships with World’s Best Cat Litter & Vetericyn Animal Wellness

Tampa Bay, Florida (December 13, 2018) – Kristen Levine, brand spokesperson and founder of Kristen Levine Pet Living, announced today that she has been engaged to support World’s Best Cat Litter and Vetericyn®’s marketing efforts in 2019 through her new Pet Credible Influencer Program.

Launched in 2014, Kristen Levine Pet Living has become a popular online platform for pet owners who are interested in learning more about their pets’ health and happiness, and must-have products that make pet care easier. In October, she launched a new Pet Credible Influencer Program that is designed to help brands like World’s Best Cat Litter and Vetericyn overcome the challenges of working with online advocates, and deliver consistent content campaigns that align with a brand’s annual marketing initiatives.

Continuing her four year relationship with World’s Best Cat Litter, Kristen will support the brand through online lead generation, social media promotions, video development and written blog content creation. Kristen will also serve as the World’s Best Cat Litter brand spokesperson during an upcoming Satellite Media Tour (SMT) and she will promote charitable programs, such as the brand’s popular Give Litter Campaign, throughout the year.

“We love working with Kristen and highly recommend her to others who are looking to build their brand, their sales and their audience,” said Jean Broders, senior brand manager at Kent Pet Group, the creators of World’s Best Cat Litter.

For a second year, Kristen will also support client, Vetericyn, a company specializing in animal wellness and healthcare products. Her advocacy will include the development of long-form content, online lead generation and educational video development. She will also support new product launches and the brand’s philanthropic program, Vetericyn Gives Back.

“Both World’s Best Cat Litter and Vetericyn make products that I use on a daily basis and believe can make a difference for those who value Pet Living as a trusted animal health and wellness resource,” said Levine. “I’m looking forward to generating results for both of the brands and connecting them with pet owners who are looking for solutions to common pet health and wellness concerns.”

In addition to World’s Best Cat Litter and Vetericyn, Kristen has partnered with several well-known global and national brands, including Zoetis, Nestle Purina, DOGTV, ThunderWorks Toyota, BISSELL and more.

For more information about the Pet Credible Influencer Program, visit the brands page on her website. You can also follow Kristen Levine Pet Living on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter, and see her television reel on YouTube.

About Kristen Levine Pet Living: Kristen Levine Pet Living was founded in 2013 by pet expert, speaker, author and advocate Kristen Levine. The multimedia platform offers stories, science and advice for living happier and healthier with pets. An industry insider for more than 25 years, Kristen also launched the first, exclusively pet-focused marketing agency, Fetching Communications, and later acquired Both Fetching and now operate as a division of French | West | Vaughan, a leading independent agency in the South East serving consumer lifestyle categories.

About World’s Best Cat Litter™: World’s Best Cat LitterTM is a family of clumping cat litters that offer concentrated power for a cleaner litter box. Our patented process harnesses the power of naturally absorbent corn to create formulas that guarantee outstanding odor control, quick clumping, and easy scooping. It’s the pet, people, and planet friendly litter that truly works. Offered in a variety of clumping formulas and sizes, the litter is available in PetSmart® and PETCO®, select Target® and Walmart stores, and other leading pet and grocery stores nationwide. World’s Best Cat Litter™ is produced by Kent Pet Group, headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa. Visit

About Vetericyn®: Vetericyn® Animal Wellness makes innovative, safe, and effective at-home animal wellness products for skin, eye, ear, and coat care. All Vetericyn products are safe, non-stinging, hypoallergenic, and contain no antibiotics or steroids.

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