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Kristen Levine and Great Pet Care Release Back to Work Guide for Pet Parents

Tampa, Florida, May 19, 2020 – Kristen Levine, a nationally-known pet parenting expert, pet advocate and creator of Pet Living, partnered with Great Pet Care, an online publication for expert-sourced pet health information, to create The Pet Parent’s Back to Work Guide, a free online guide for pet parents returning to work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last month I started hearing from my friends and Pet Living readers that they were concerned about how their pets would react to them leaving the house for work and other activities once social distancing ends. That’s what sparked the idea to create a guide to help all pet parents with that same concern,” said Levine. “I partnered with Great Pet Care to quickly develop a useful and expert-informed tool to guide them in helping their pets through the transition.”

In addition to the guide, Levine conducted an email survey of Pet Living subscribers about pet parents’ plans to return to work, which garnered more than 600 responses. According to respondents, 60 percent plan to return to work, or to a more normal schedule that takes them out of the home periodically, in the next 30 days. Half of that group expressed concern about how their pets will react to this change in routine, which further supports why it’s important for pet parents to start developing and practicing back to work schedules now to ensure a smooth transition, and to avoid stress and anxiety that could lead to more serious issues like separation anxiety, depression/loneliness and possible destructive behavior.

The guide, divided into sections for dog and cat parents, includes advice from veterinary and training experts, Dr. Liz Bales, Dr. Valerie Tynes and professional dog trainer, Gila Kurtz. Topics include:

  • Re-establishing a routine by implementing back-to-work schedules
  • Providing distractions for your pets like toys for independent playtime or a safe space to relax
  • Trying anxiety reducing practices and calming products to see what works best for your pet

“Our pets have provided endless love and comfort during this stressful time of quarantine and social distancing, and it’s important that we return the favor and make sure they don’t feel anxious as we go back to working outside of our homes,” said Deidre Grieves, Director of Content for Great Pet Care. “Teaming up with Kristen Levine and the pet experts at Pet Living allows us to reach more pet parents and help them keep their pets happy during these changing times.”

To learn more, visit The Pet Parent’s Back to Work Guide at Follow Pet Living with Kristen Levine on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Follow Great Pet Care on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Pet Living with Kristen Levine

Connecting pets, people, and brands for 30+ years, Kristen Levine is a renowned pet living expert, marketer, speaker, columnist, and social influencer. She is driven by the passionate belief that we need pets as much as they need us, and that by making the world a better place for them, we make it a better place for ourselves. In 2019, she refreshed her brand, Pet Living with Kristen Levine and created Kristen Levine Media. She began her career in the pet industry as the PR Director for the Tampa Bay SPCA, where she served for 15 years. In 2003, she launched the first pet-focused marketing agency, Fetching Communications, and later acquired She is currently the President for Pet & Animal Health Practices with French/West/Vaughan (FWV), one of the nation’s largest independently owned public relations, advertising and digital marketing agencies. Kristen has been recognized for her leadership and advocacy with the Pet Age ICON award in 2019 and the Pet Age Women of Influence Award in 2016.

About Great Pet Care

Great Pet Care, a division of Metamorphosis Partners, is an online publication that provides pet parents with practical, medically-sound pet health information, delivered with clarity and kindness. The website provides pet parents with the most up-to-date and accurate articles and guides by working with a team of board-certified veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and expert trainers.

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