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Kelp Dog Launches New, Holistic Healing Solution for Dogs

San Diego-based company adds Kelp Balm to its existing line of kelp-based products

SAN DIEGO (October 3, 2016)Kelp Dog, a boutique company that specializes in providing all-natural kelp solutions for dogs, is pleased to announce the latest addition to its product offerings, Kelp Balm.

Foster Carr, owner and founder of Kelp Dog, said the new product is a direct result of the company’s desire to provide more holistic solutions for dogs and their owners to help reduce the over-prescribing of commercial medications.

“Our goal is to get back to basics and develop high-quality products that contain fewer ingredients, that can be pronounced and understood,” said Carr. “That’s why we’re focusing on wild, sustainable kelp, which is loaded with nutritional and medicinal benefits for dogs and humans alike.”

Available on October 1, 2016, Kelp Balm is great for dogs (or horses) suffering from eczema, dry snout, abrasions, scars or tissue regeneration, paw protection, and rashes. The natural Shea and Aloe butters moisturize while allowing the kelp to absorb much needed nutrients and minerals into their skin. Made of a special blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils for aromatherapy and naturally healing elements, the balm goes on silky smooth like natural skin and creates a protective barrier without a greasy feel.

Kelp Dog’s mission is to provide all-natural, holistic healing solutions for pet companions. The San Diego-based company hand-harvests the wild kelp used in all of their products in a sustainable manner from the pristine ocean waters of Northern Canada. The kelp beds are in a highly protected area with fast flowing cold ocean water, which is optimal for producing high quality kelp. Only a small percentage – less than 10 percent – is harvested throughout the annual season to respect the sensitive and complex nature of the kelp forests.

In addition to focusing on kelp, the company further complements its products with the use of therapeutic pure essential oils and high-quality moisturizing butters. Kelp Dog’s ingredients have been formulated to address specific dog ailments and maintain healthy lifestyle, and their products never contain any fillers, watered-down ingredients or unnecessary artificial fragrances.

Kelp Balm is priced at $18.50 for a 2oz. jar and is available for purchase at The company also offers kelp-based Shampoo, Spritz and a Kelp Blend Supplement for dogs. For more information about Kelp Dog, the new Kelp Balm or the company’s other kelp-based products, please visit

About Kelp Dog
Founded in 2016, Kelp Dog specializes in all-natural, kelp-based products for dogs. Based in San Diego, the company strives to provide more holistic solutions for dogs to help reduce the over-prescribing of commercial medications and ensure our pet companions live a long, quality life. Their current product line includes kelp-based Shampoo, Spritz, Balm, and a Kelp Blend Supplement, as well as a kelp-based Lip Balm for dog owners. For more information, please visit or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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