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Introducing the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device, a Revolutionary Way to Help Pet Owners Solve Their Dog’s Behavioral Problems

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (November 16, 2016) – The DOGGIE DON’T™ Device is a newly patented, innovative hand held, audible tool created to assist dog owners in correcting unwanted behaviors such as nuisance barking, jumping up, and leash aggression. This humane and safe device was designed using proven audible sound aversion. The basis of the tool is the distinct crackling sound that can be heard by both an owner and their dog. The sound immediately gets a dog’s attention and allows the owner to correct the unwanted behavior. It is simply a training tool with the goal of an owner eventually being able to say their commands without needing to use the device. This is a one-of-a-kind new product.

“The DOGGIE DON’T™ Device is a simple and effective way to help pet owners have a well-behaved and socialized dog,” said Sarah Beck, creator of the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device. When training dogs with the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device, owners need to be consistent and say their commands calmly and firmly. They must use the device properly in order to achieve the desired results of changing their dog’s behaviors permanently. The goal is to help dogs with behavioral issues so they are not at risk of being returned to a shelter or deemed unadoptable.

Sarah successfully fosters and rescues dogs and she is no stranger to the proper attention and care they need. She grew up having many dogs and has always had a place in her heart for them. At one point when she was growing up, her family had 14 dogs. Although Sarah is the creator of the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device, she credits her two Schnauzer’s, Evie B and Olivia as the true founders of the tool. Evie B was a rescue with inherent behavioral problems. Both of Sarah’s dogs were wonderful, loving pets – except for when she took them out for walks. They lunged at other dogs, barking, and pulling on the leash. Sarah has worked with dog trainers so she has used all the tools, but none of them worked successfully. “I was truly at my wits end and actually started walking my dogs with a stun gun,” Sarah said. “I wanted to be able to protect my two girls and any dogs I was fostering.”  One day when her dogs were in a frenzy, she decided to click the stun gun while repeating the words, “no barking” and they both sat down and stopped barking. Sarah started using the stun gun regularly and its loud noise along with her commands worked like a charm. After about a week of using this behavioral modification technique, all she had to do was hold the stun gun up and say “no barking” and  the dogs were angels.

Sarah never actually shocked or hurt the dogs. The mere sound of the stun gun was enough to divert their attention.  After she shared her experience with her family and friends, they too tested the concept on their dogs. Again, the results were astonishing. This was the premise for the invention of a device that would mimic the sound of a stun gun but would be unable to shock a human or pet.

Since making its introduction into the market in March 2016, the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device has received rave reviews from pet owners and professional trainers including the world-famous Russian Dog Wizard, VladaeRoytapel, who says the device has proven successful in some very tough cases. Various rescue groups and shelters have started to use the product almost exclusively. “We could not be more thrilled with Sarah’s product. We’ve used it as a tool to help us play group our dogs and we’ve also used it on our dogs with behavior needs. It has helped correct their behavior and improve their experience at the ranch. We love The DOGGIE DON’T™ device and highly recommend it to other dog owners”, said Lauree Simmons of Big Dog Rescue Ranch located in Wellington, Florida.

The DOGGIE DON’T™ Device was created with the goal of providing help and support for dogs with behavioral issues. Sarah and her team are committed to working with shelters and rescue groups.

About the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device
The DOGGIE DON’T™ Device was created by Sarah Beck and first introduced in the market in March 2016. It is a hand-held, audible behavioral modification training tool to help improve a dog’s behavior. The device uses proven audible sound aversion to distract dogs and enable owners to correct behaviors. The crackling sound that is made when using the device can be heard by both owners and dogs. The DOGGIE DON‘TDevice helps correct unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping up, and leash aggression. To learn more about the DOGGIE DON’T™ Device or to order your device, please visit

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