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Fourth-Annual Pet Anxiety Awareness Campaign Kicks Off on June 1

Kristen Levine and Industry Brands Educate Pet Parents About Relieving Fear, Anxiety and Stress in Companion Animals

Tampa, Florida (May 27, 2020) – Pet Living with Kristen Levine, an online pet parenting guide for pet parents, announced that the fourth-annual Pet Anxiety Awareness campaign (PAAW) will be observed from June 1st through June 30th. This awareness month was created by Kristen Levine, a nationally-known pet parenting expert, to help people recognize the symptoms of fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) in dogs and cats, and to encourage pet parents to speak to their veterinarian about how to get their pets relief.

“I started PAAW to help people and their pets after watching my own dog Buck suffer with debilitating anxiety for years,” said Levine. “Veterinarians estimate that 50 percent of dogs and cats suffer from FAS, while noise aversion specifically is prevalent among dogs. Research shows that 67 percent of dogs in the United States suffer from one or more signs of noise aversion, so it’s critical to raise awareness as the symptoms are often misunderstood as behavior problems1. In reality, these are medical issues that require consultation with your veterinarian to identify ways to alleviate stress in your pet.”

SILEO® (dexmedetomidine oromucosal gel), which is distributed by Zoetis and is the first FDA-approved treatment for dogs that suffer from noise aversion, will return as a lead veterinary sponsor for a third year. The prescription medication can easily be administered at home to calm without sedation, which allows your dog to interact normally with the family.

“We’re excited to have SILEO onboard as our leading PAAW sponsor again this year,” said Levine. “With the assistance of our sponsors and other campaign supporters last year, we helped thousands of pet parents find practical solutions to ease symptoms of FAS in their pets.”

In addition to SILEO’s sponsorship, PAAW also receives help from other pet brands to reach more pet parents to offer product solutions that help calm and comfort pets with FAS including:

  • DOGTV, a 24/7 digital TV channel with programming scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research with some of the world’s top pet experts, special content was created by DOGTV to help reduce stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.
  • FELIWAY, creator of products that provide solutions to make cats happy and soothe signs of anxiety, such as urine spraying, scratching, fighting or hiding. Cats communicate through natural messages released in the air, called pheromones. FELIWAY’s clinically proven products mimic positive, natural feline messages and help cats feel more comfortable and secure in their own homes.
  • The Anxious Pet®, a brand on a mission to help pets live happier, more peaceful lives by reducing their anxiety through calming and wellness products, education, and support from the industry’s leading experts. Their proprietary calming products are veterinarian formulated, lab tested and organic where it counts. They proudly support each pet parent in their goal to improve the life of their pet and their entire family.
  • ThunderShirt, the original natural calming solution that helps reduce anxiety in dogs in a drug-free way. The patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm most types of anxiety, fear, and stress in dogs. ThunderShirt is proven to be over 80% effective in reducing anxiety for loud noises, separation anxiety, travel, vet visits, and problem barking.
  • ThunderWunders, a line of Dog and Cat Calming Chews recommended by veterinarians that promote rest and relaxation for your pet with ingredients such as, L-Tryptophan, Chamomile Flower, and Thiamine.  From the same makers of ThunderShirt, these easy to use chews help reduce stress related to vet visits, car rides, loud noises, grooming and more.

Fear Free, LLC shares PAAW’s mission and will participate in the campaign again as an industry content partner. The campaign will also include two new industry partners: The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists and Dog Nerds.

  • Fear Free, an initiative founded by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker, to get pets back for veterinary visits by promoting a considerate approach and gentle control techniques used in calming environments. Since 2016, Fear Free provides online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, the pet professional community and pet owners. 
  • The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB), the certifying board for veterinarians who are specialty trained to advance the behavioral health of animals through research, science-based behavior education, and the practice of clinical behavioral medicine. Members of the ACVB are veterinarians trained to assess the relationship between a patient’s health and behavior, to provide clinical treatment of behavior concerns and have extensive knowledge of animal learning and behavior modification as well as psychotropic medications, their uses, potential side effects and interactions with other medications, and are licensed to prescribe them when indicated. 
  • The Dog Nerds, a platform with online programs and support to help you change your dog’s behavior and to make life more enjoyable for both of you. Created by board certified veterinary behaviorist Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Mindy Cox, The Dog Nerds follows science-based, positive methods to achieve goals. They believe that working with your dog should be both enjoyable and rewarding and that when done right, can lead to transformative experiences at both ends of the leash.

Each of the PAAW sponsors and supporters will be featured throughout June on the Pet Living with Kristen Levine blog, social channels and a syndicated television segment.

For more information, visit the PAAW website. You can also follow Pet Living with Kristen Levine on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not use SILEO® in dogs with severe cardiovascular disease, respiratory, liver or kidney diseases, or in conditions of shock, severe debilitation, or stress due to extreme heat, cold or fatigue or in dogs hypersensitive to dexmedetomidine or to any of the excipients. SILEO should not be administered in the presence of preexisting hypotension, hypoxia, or bradycardia. Do not use in dogs sedated from previous dosing. SILEO has not been evaluated in dogs younger than 16 weeks of age or in dogs with dental or gingival disease that could have an effect on the absorption of SILEO. SILEO has not been evaluated for use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs or for aversion behaviors to thunderstorms.

Transient pale mucous membranes at the site of application may occur with SILEO use. Other uncommon adverse reactions included emesis, drowsiness or sedation. Handlers should avoid direct exposure of SILEO to their skin, eyes or mouth. Failure to lock the ring-stop on the syringe before dosing SILEO could potentially lead to an accidental overdose. Always review INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE before dispensing and dosing.

See full Prescribing Information.


  1. The Harris Poll: Custom Motion Sickness and Noise Aversion Omnibus Pet Owner Quantitative Research Report, December 2018


About Pet Living with Kristen Levine: Connecting pets, people, and brands for 30+ years, Kristen Levine is a renowned pet living expert, marketer, speaker, columnist, and social influencer. She is driven by the passionate belief that we need pets as much as they need us, and that by making the world a better place for them, we make it a better place for ourselves. In 2019, she refreshed her brand, Pet Living with Kristen Levine and created Kristen Levine Media. She began her career in the pet industry as the PR Director for the Tampa Bay SPCA, where she served for 15 years. In 2003, she launched the first pet-focused marketing agency, Fetching Communications, and later acquired She is currently the President for Pet & Animal Health Practices with French/West/Vaughan (FWV), one of the nation’s largest independently owned public relations, advertising and digital marketing agencies. Kristen has been recognized for her leadership and advocacy with the Pet Age ICON award in 2019 and the Pet Age Women of Influence Award in 2016.

About SILEO®: SILEO is a medication only available from your veterinarian to help calm your dog when frightened by loud noises (noise aversion). Common noise aversion triggers include fireworks, thunder, construction work, traffic or street noise, celebrations, vacuum cleaners, and smoke detectors. SILEO, unlike some other treatments, is FDA-approved for the treatment of noise aversion in dogs. It’s clinically demonstrated to be effective without other treatments or training and it calms without sedating through an easy-to-administer, at-home treatment. Learn more at

Kristen Levine has a consulting relationship with Zoetis.

SILEO® is a trademark owned by Orion Corporation Orion Pharma Animal Health. It is manufactured by Orion Corporation and distributed by Zoetis under license from Orion Corporation Orion Pharma Animal Health.

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