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Animal Health Experts Recommend New Heartworm Prevention Protocol for Dogs


“Double Defense” is one-two punch against mosquitoes and deadly heartworm disease

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (May 2, 2017) – Your dog is at risk for contracting deadly heartworm disease even if it is receiving a monthly preventive, but veterinarians say doing one simple thing can provide an extra layer of defense that may save your dog’s life.

“Just like they carry deadly human disease, mosquito bites can transmit deadly diseases to dogs,” said Dr. Nora Grant, DVM with Ceva Veterinary Services. “Most dog owners know about heartworm, but don’t realize mosquitoes carry the infection.  Stop the mosquito, and you stop the spread of deadly heartworm.”

Alabama is one of the top two worst states in the country for heartworm occurrences, according to Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC). In Jefferson County, dogs are at high risk of contracting heartworm, and in neighboring Fayette and Walker Counties, one in seven dogs tested positive for heartworm disease in 2016.

Now, CAPC veterinarians point to a scientifically proven way to fight back by blocking the bugs before they bite. In April, CAPC announced new heartworm prevention and treatment guidelines that include a recommendation for integrating pest management by using Vectra® 3D for Dogs as part of your dog’s heartworm prevention plan.

Animal health experts call this “Double Defense” protocol a one-two punch against heartworm disease. Double Defense means protecting the dog from the outside with a topical mosquito repellent product like Vectra® 3D for Dogs, which kills and repels mosquitoes before they can bite and potentially transmit disease. The second part of Double Defense protects on the inside with an oral heartworm preventive, which kills heartworm larvae before they develop into adult heartworms.

When it comes to reducing the occurrence of heartworm, the Double Defense protocol is more effective than the use of a heartworm preventative alone.

“We’ve been fighting heartworm the same way for decades, and we’re still seeing too many dogs die,” Grant said. “It’s time for a new approach, a double defense that includes fighting the mosquito and the heartworm. And if you are caring for a heartworm positive dog, using a product like Vectra® 3D will also help reduce transmission of heartworm to other dogs in your household or neighborhood. It takes care of your flea and tick control, too.”

Mosquitoes can bite a single dog more than 80 times in one evening and it only takes one mosquito bite to transmit a heartworm infection from one dog to the next.  Heartworm can cause severe lung disease, heart failure, permanent damage to other organs, and even death.

Dog owners should talk to a veterinarian about mosquitoes, heartworm, and the importance of Double Defense. For more information, visit

To review the CAPC’s full list of mosquito treatment, control and prevention guidelines, visit

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Do not use Vectra® 3D on cats.

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