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BodeVet Releases New Video Series, Mobile App and Data Wheel to Educate the Veterinary Industry About StablePlate RX®

ROCKVILLE, MD. (December 21, 2018) – BodeVet, a developer of advanced transfusion treatment options for the veterinary industry, launched new resources to educate veterinarians about StablePlate RX®, including dosing and administration instructions. The educational tools include a new video series about StablePlate RX®, a mobile app with dosing information for blood products for canines, felines and equine, and a transfusion data wheel with dosing details for canines and felines.

“We are excited to offer these assets to help educate veterinary professionals looking for advances in transfusion treatment options,” said Anne Hale, DVM, Chief Technical Officer at BodeVet. “StablePlate RX® is the world’s first injectable freeze-dried platelet derived product. It offers practitioners a new way to stabilize patients in the field or clinic since the product can be transported in a vehicle and rehydrated with sterile water for intravenous infusion to stop hemorrhage.”

BodeVet’s series of eight videos on its YouTube channel includes detailed information about StablePlate RX®, including product administration, blood donor screening, manufacturing, uses for the product and more.

The Veterinary Transfusion Guide app features blood product information guides, dosage calculations and species-specific information. The dosage calculators for canine, feline and equine transfusion products includes StablePlate RX®, Red Blood Cell products, Plasma and Cryoprecipitate. Users can select a product, put in patient information and receive a dosage for the selected product. Under each category you will find additional product information including how to reconstitute or thaw your product, best mechanisms for transfusion, when to transfuse each product, post transfusion recommendations and more. To download the app for free, visit the Apple app store or the Google Play store and search for BodeVet or Veterinary Transfusion Guide.

BodeVet’s transfusion data wheel allows veterinary professionals to select patient weight and packed cell volume (PCV) to receive transfusion dosages for the blood products. One side provides data for canines and the other side is for felines. To request a data wheel, email

For more information about BodeVet, StablePlate RX® or its team of experts in veterinary transfusion medicine, visit

About BodeVet

BodeVet, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cellphire, Inc., is staffed and advised by world leaders in veterinary transfusion medicine. Formed in 2015, BodeVet’s mission is to promote animal health and welfare by developing and delivering new treatment solutions to veterinary medical practitioners. The company uses technology borrowed from Cellphire, a biotechnology company established in early 2006, to develop novel blood products for use in hemostasis and regenerative medicine in veterinary medicine.

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