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BodeVet Completes Safety Study for StablePlate RX® Equine at University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital

ROCKVILLE, MD. (October 24, 2018) – BodeVet, a developer of advanced transfusion treatment options for the veterinary industry, announced it has completed a safety study on StablePlate RX® Equine, an infusible platelet product for horses. BodeVet created the world’s first injectable freeze-dried platelet derived product to meet the growing demand for blood products in the veterinary market.

“Bringing quality transfusion medicine products to equine patients is part of our mission,” said Anne Hale, DVM, Chief Technical Officer at BodeVet. “This novel product offers a new way for equine practitioners to stabilize equine patients in the field or clinic. It can be transported in a vehicle and rehydrated with sterile water for intravenous infusion to stop hemorrhage.”

The study was conducted at the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital to evaluate the usability and safety of the product in adult horses. It was led by clinical professor, Kira Epstein, DVM, DACVS-LA, DAVECC.

“We administered two doses to eight horses, including four at each dosage level,” said Dr. Epstein. “We evaluated CBC, fibrinogen, PT, aPTT, PFA-100 and Thrombin Generation Assay (CAT) before and after administration. We did not uncover any abnormalities at either dose. At the highest dose of 1.9 x 109platelets/kg, horses demonstrated defecation and transient abdominal discomfort during administration, but no other adverse events were noted.” 

Although BodeVet is primarily focused on canine and equine conditions, it also supports work focused on wildlife and endangered species. It has tested safety and toxicity in humans and six additional species of animals.

The results of the equine safety study will be published in 2019. BodeVet will be at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention in December to provide information about this unique blood product.   Attendees can stop by the BodeVet booth to learn more about BodeVet’s efforts to provide state of the art transfusion care for horses. BodeVet’s Veterinary Transfusion Guide app will also launch a new feature during the convention, which will allow app users to look up product information and dosage calculations for StablePlate RX® Equine. To download the app for free, visit the Apple app store or the Google Play store and search for BodeVet or Veterinary Transfusion Guide.

For more information on BodeVet, StablePlate RX® or its team of experts in veterinary transfusion medicine, visit

About BodeVet

BodeVet, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cellphire, Inc., is staffed and advised by world leaders in veterinary transfusion medicine. Formed in 2015, BodeVet’s mission is to promote animal health and welfare by developing and delivering new treatment solutions to veterinary medical practitioners. The company uses technology borrowed from Cellphire, a biotechnology company established in early 2006, to develop novel blood products for use in hemostasis and regenerative medicine in veterinary medicine.

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