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Browse Packages offers content and news distribution packages that match the needs of pet and veterinary businesses. First, set up your free account. Next, select the package that suits your objectives - from press release distributions to earn attention from influencers, trade outlets, bloggers, to press kit writing and more. Then decide if you'd like for PetPR to write your press release and/or conduct personalized follow up to 15 of the media outlets on your category's list. Your order will tabulate your choices, and we will begin!

Press Release Writing

  • Do you need a press release written?
  • Our writers will send you a questionnaire and then draft a release for your edits and review. 
  • Includes two rounds of editing. 
  • Save yourself the time and have our experts help!

Launch a Product or Service

  • Do you have a product about to launch? A new service to announce?
  • Build your brand’s awareness with a launch distribution.
  • Share your news with editors at vet or pet trades, and offer product reviews to influencers and pet bloggers.
  • Extra Value: Distributed on PR Newswire’s “Web News Release Plus.”
  • Posted to’s Newsroom and Social Media Outlets.
  • *Write your own release, or the staff can write a press release for you. is trusted by great brands and organizations.

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